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    Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3

    Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3

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    The Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3 is a must-have for candle enthusiasts. Here's why you'll love it: <1. Durability:/> Crafted with premium quality materials, the Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3 is designed to last, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. <2. Variety:/> This gift box contains three 70g candles, offering a range of scents to suit any mood or occasion. <3. Exquisite scents:/> Each candle in the Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3 delivers a delightful aroma that will elevate your space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. <4. Elegant packaging:/> The gift box comes in an elegant and stylish design, making it the perfect choice for gifting or adding a touch of sophistication to your own decor. <5. Ideal size:/> With a weight of 70g per candle, these candles are perfectly sized to fit in any room, from bedrooms to living spaces, providing a captivating scent without overwhelming the area. <6. Versatile usage:/> Whether for relaxation, meditation, or simply to create a peaceful ambiance, the Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3 is suitable for various occasions and settings. <7. Premium quality:/> Wekuku ensures that only the finest ingredients are used in the creation of these candles, resulting in a high-quality product that burns evenly and emits a consistent scent throughout its lifespan. Enhance your space with the enchanting fragrances of the Wekuku Aha! 01 Candles Gift Box 70g x 3. Experience the perfect combination of elegance, variety, and enduring scents that this gift box brings. Get yours today and indulge in the ultimate candle experience.


    Ingredients: Soy wax mix with
    beewax| Fragrance oil
    Material: Glass| Vinyl| AluminumWhite Tea

    Top: White tea| Fresh jasmine| Sparkling bergamot
    Mid: Incense| Green tea
    Base: Amaryllis seed| Vetiver root| Hay

    Top: Bergamot| Nutmeg
    Mid: Vetiver| Guaiac wood| Patchouli| Sandalwood
    Base: Labrador| Benzoin| Tonka

    Top: Pink pepper| Mandarin
    Mid: Peony| Plum blossom
    Base: Musk| Sandalwood| Mod plus plum blossom

    Product Details

    Made In: Canada

    Size: 70g x 3 + Palm

    Lead Time: 3-14 days

    UPC / EAN: N/A

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