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    Aromatica Ritual Hair Oil Lavender & Patchouli 50ml

    Aromatica Ritual Hair Oil Lavender & Patchouli 50ml

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    ▶Properties -Ritual Hair Oil is a neutral plant-based oil that moisturizes and softens the strands, with a fresh finish even without silicone oil. - Pracaxi Seed Oil and Babassu Oil protect your hair from external damage, including the heat of the styler.


    아이소프로필미리스테이트| 에틸헥실팔미테이트| 베르가모트오일| C13-15알케인| 프로필렌글라이콜다이카프릴레이트/다이카프레이트| 프라칵시씨오일| 아르간커넬오일| 바바수씨오일| 드럼스틱씨오일| 호호바씨오일| 스위트아몬드오일| 식물성오일| 코코넛야자오일| 토코페롤| 라벤더오일(2|000ppm)| 로즈우드오일| 로즈힙열매오일| 오렌지껍질오일| 일랑일랑꽃오일| 광곽향오일(200ppm)| 코코-카프릴레이트/카프레이트| 리모넨| 리날룰| 시트랄| 벤질벤조에이트| 제라니올

    How To Use

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    Product Details

    Made In: South Korea

    Size: 50ml

    Lead Time: 3-14 days

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