Authenticity Guarantee System

Carsha strives to provide authentic-only branded beauty products to businesses and customers, so you can shop with confidence. And therefore, we have established a system to make our authenticate process effective and sustainable.

  • Exceptional Expertise

    Our crew of authenticators, plus the cooperation with other authentication companies, uses years of experience in the field to verify your purchase.

  • In-Depth Inspection

    Your item is meticulously examined from in to out to ensure that it is authentic and accurate to the listing.

  • Superior Services

    All items selling on our website were not drop-shipped to you from any random seller but were authenticated by us before shipping with zero extra cost.

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How It Works

Authenticity Guarantee System | Beauty Wholesale & Retail | Carsha

Step One

Direct Purchase

100% of the items are bought directly through partnerships with authorized dealers, preventing any potential counterfeit product inflow.

Authenticity Guarantee System | Beauty Wholesale & Retail | Carsha

Step Two

In-Depth Inspection

Our authenticity evaluation team conducts a comprehensive check of each product in order to conduct a self-inspection. Then, an outsourced company that specialises in verifying the authenticity of beauty items will do a second inspection.

Authenticity Guarantee System | Beauty Wholesale & Retail | Carsha

Step Three

Ship With Care

Our internal administration and cooperation with fixed transportation companies ensure that there will be no accidents such as changing packages and exchanging fakes for genuine ones during the transportation process after inspection. The products sent to you will only be authentic.

Tips 💁

1) Compare Items From The Same Season

As changes to ingredients and packaging are common in the world of beauty goods, it is best to only compare products from the same season or batch numbers. Upgrades to items frequently result in formulation changes, and occasionally these changes can affect the scent, texture or more.

2) Compare Items From The Same Country

Did you know that it's not rare for beauty companies to run multiple production lines for a single product? This allows customers from all nations and backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of their products regardless of their skin tone, race, or environment, especially more prominent beauty brands with factories all around the world. Therefore, if you compare goods from two different countries and discover tiny differences, don't get worried too quickly.

3) Still In Doubt? Visit Us!

Please feel free to contact our customer service or stop by our warehouse to do a preliminary inspection. Even if you are located elsewhere, there are inspection agencies that may assist you in visiting and inspecting distributors before purchasing supplies for yourself or your company.

Experience a new generation of beauty purchasing

Carsha has evolved into a standardised business that exclusively distributes authentic products, with no debate about counterfeit products, so that all clients can experience hassle-free beauty shopping & beauty wholesale.