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    One of the easiest and most reliable ways to source beauty products.

    Who We Are?


    We first started just as a lattice shop in Hong Kong. If you don't know what that is, it simply refers to a small area divided from the shelf, and we owned one of them.


    We were small, but we were serious about finding reliable suppliers.


    It wasn't plain sailing. Spammers, overpriced or expired products, inauthentic items, orders that took forever to ship, irresponsible outsourcing partners, dubious companies... you name it, we have experienced them all.


    So we thought, why don't we build our trustworthy one-stop beauty platform? Not only for our retail customers but also for those businessmen who are serious about finding reliable wholesalers as we did.


    And here we are, Carsha.


    Our Mission

    We aspire to build an all-in-one beauty marketplace for our retail customers by gathering a diverse range of products, from global-leading brands to indie beauty brands. Towards our B2B customers, we aim to become their most transparent, accessible, best-price and supportive beauty wholesaler.

    Our Vision

    Our goal is to provide our customers with a personalized, informative, and supportive shopping and purchasing experience. We also empower people, including our employees and companies of all sizes, to achieve beauty, confidence, and success. Finally, we hope that Carsha can evolve alongside the rest of the world.

    Our Promise

    We guarantee that we treat you just like we treat ourselves - that means that all our products will be 100% authentic. On top of that, our collections will expand from day to day to assure you are able to find the most suitable cosmetics, skincare products, or fragrances for you and your business. Last but not least, our customer service will remain the best all the time.

    Our Impact

    Millions of customers were able to save money thanks to our beauty deals. Over 1000 businesses benefited from our products and were inspired by our one-of-a-kind and personalized business strategies. Employees benefited from our environment and learned from us. In the future, we hope to give back to society by focusing on orphanages, homelessness, and mental illness.

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