Atelier Cologne is the world's first perfume launch with a novel idea since it is the result of two cologne specialists' love and passion. Cologne, which was founded in 1709 in Germany, grew in popularity due to its fresh and citrus perfumed scents. Napoleon was supposed to have adored the bottles and to have consumed two of them every day. However, he had noted that the aroma would only linger for an hour, which was considered a downside to the perfume. Basel Gaenteo and Christopher Sergio, scent connoisseurs and professionals, spent a long time creating the right fragrance. This perfume is currently widely used across the world and is noted for retaining its aroma and refinement, as well as its scent endurance.
    Surprisingly, no one would have predicted that this scent would be turned into a series of fresh citrus perfumes. Most fragrances include just 15% undiluted essential oils, however, the Absolue Collection has 15-20% undiluted essential oils. Atelier Cologne is a rich and deep scent that only employs the freshest, most unusual components from the French area.
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