How to find a legitimate beauty wholesaler?

How to find a legitimate beauty wholesaler?

Starting a beauty business has always been a popular choice for many new entrepreneurs since there is a strong demand in the market but a low need for initial capital.

However, this does not imply that finding beauty wholesaler is simple. It is not uncommon to be able to access to a random beauty wholesaler; simply typing the keywords into Google will get a variety of results; nevertheless, there are many spammers out there that will prevent you from accessing a legitimate beauty wholesaler.

In this blog, we will look at some practical methods for identifying a reliable beauty wholesaler as well as the factors to consider.

  1. Why are beauty wholesalers crucial to your business development
  2. How to identify fraudulent beauty wholesalers
  3. Characteristics of legitimate beauty wholesalers
  4. 5 good legitimate beauty wholesalers in the market right now

Why are beauty wholesalers crucial to your business development

Beauty wholesalers are a crucial component of your company's success. Your supplier influences not only the things you may sell in your shop, but also the general performance of your business, such as delivery time and damaged goods percentage.

Furthermore, the amount of your net profit is heavily influenced by the price your wholesaler can provide, which determines whether you are competitive enough in the beauty industry and if you have a sufficient budget for future expansion.

Most critically, it is the determining factor in whether the cosmetics and skincare you sell to your consumers are authentic.

How to identify fraudulent beauty wholesalers

A fraudulent beauty wholesaler often does not provide any contact information, such as a physical address or phone number; but, if they do, it is advisable to call or even visit them if possible, to verify that what they have given is accurate.

Even the most reputable wholesalers may request a deposit (or even full payment for modest orders) and have a long lead-time for delivery; this is not uncommon in the beauty industry. A fraudulent beauty wholesaler, on the other hand, is less likely to work with you or let you to have an open discussion, even for the first couple of orders, because their main goal is not to establish trust or collaboration with you in the long run, but to simply grab as much money as they can.

A fraudulent beauty wholesaler may also be less transparent about their pricing and product range; for example, they may present you a product list without pricing, as if they would adjust their price based on different customers. When you request additional quotation, they may also require you to offer some very basic information on the products, as if they are unfamiliar with the niche in which they are selling.

Characteristics of legitimate beauty wholesalers

A legitimate beauty wholesaler should at the very least be registered as a legal business, and they should not be afraid to prove it if necessary. Nowadays, any legitimate beauty wholesaler should have a corporate website as well as a phone number. On top of that, a physical location may assist you in filtering out the better beauty wholesalers.

What can be better? They have a social profile. Social proof not only demonstrates that a firm has a particular number of followers or even customers, but it also indicates that the wholesaler appreciates connection with their consumers. If you become one of their customers tomorrow, they are more likely to care about you.

There are also other various practical strategies you may take to identify a legitimate beauty wholesaler, depending on your transaction method.

  • If your wholesaler is going to ship the products to you:

    A legitimate beauty wholesaler should provide payment gateways from any recognized third-party payment processor, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, Shop Pay, and so on. If their website have integrated with one, you should feel more confidence in doing business with them since it indicates your money may be charged back in extreme cases, and someone other than the beauty wholesaler can be responsible for your money as well.

    That being said, even if a beauty wholesaler provides you the option of paying via bank transfer, it is perfectly reasonable too, considering the third-party payment processor's handling charge. However, you should be mindful of the owner of the bank account, and picking one with a registered company name is always preferable than transferring money straight to a person's bank account.

  • If you are going to pick up products from your wholesaler's warehouse:

    A reliable beauty wholesaler is more likely to enable you to pay only a portion of the deposit in advance, and the remainder upon arrival after you have ensured that all of the products match the standard, at least for the first couple of orders.


5 good legitimate beauty wholesalers in the market right now

A good beauty wholesaler often has a wide variety to offer for all tastes and budgets, here are some of them:

  • USA Wholesale

    USA Wholesale provides competitive pricing on many top-selling drugstore U.S. brands, and if you buy in bulk, they can also offer shelf pull, closeout and overstock cosmetics lots, as well as wholesale pallets, which is an extra advantage for those who can buy in bulk. They also present their items in video form on social media, which is a real advantage for buyers who want to learn more about the products before purchasing them.

    Based In: Florida, United States

    Ship To: 50 U.S. states, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico

    Wholesale Account Requirement: None

    Minimum Order Amount: None, but most of the products come in cases

    Brands Include: Mostly U.S. brands such as Garnier, Covergirl, Maybelline, NYX, L'Oreal, Revlon, The Balm, Sephora, Wet N Wild, view their full brand list here.

  • Carsha Global Trading

    Carsha Global Trading is a one-stop beauty wholesaler that offers over 100 brands, including Korean, Japanese, and Western brands from Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and more. They range from international major names to modest little startups with a huge potential. Although there is no minimum order quantity for each SKU, they provide tiered discounts to meet the requirements of everyone, from small businesses with little funding to large merchants. The most unique features are that they also frequently send out business tactics and they accept cryptocurrency as payment - a significant breakthrough in the industry. View more details here and sign up here!

    Based In: Hong Kong

    Ship To: Worldwide

    Wholesale Account Requirement: None

    Minimum Order Amount: HKD$5000 (approx. USD$650)

    Brands Include: Wide range. High-end brands such as Gucci, Armani Beauty, Hourglass, Y.S.L.. Affordable brands like Innisfree, 3CE. Natural brands like Caudalie, Farmacy and more. View their full brand list here.

  • Venus Beauty Suppliers 

    If you operate a salon, spa, or nail salon, Venus Beauty is the perfect place to go because they have been cooperating with professionals since 1977. They have roughly 50 well-known hair brands to choose from, products include hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hair color, and more. The greatest part is that they also have an education section where they will organize online webinars to teach their clients how to utilize the products, which is an absolutely fantastic service from a beauty wholesaler if you are looking to improve your skills.

    Based In: Ontario, Canada

    Ship To: Canada

    Wholesale Account Requirement: Legal businesses that fit in their customer categories only 

    Minimum Order Amount: Not stated

    Brands Include: Haircare brands including Schwarzkopf, Moroccan Oil, Revlon Professional, DevaCurl and more. View their full brand list here.

  • Tester Korea

    Tester Korea is one of the leading K-beauty wholesalers with over 200 Korean brands, you will not be disappointed if you are hoping to resell Korean beauty in your store.

    Based In: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

    Ship To: Worldwide

    Wholesale Account Requirement: Legal businesses that fit in their customer categories only 

    Minimum Order Amount: None.

    Brands Include: Korean brands such as Banila Co., I'm Meme, OHUI, Laneige, SU:M37, Missha and more. View their full brand list here.

  • Afro Wholesale

    Afro Beauty Shop's B2B wholesale service, Afro Wholesale, specializes on offering ethnic beauty supplies. Their goods vary from one-of-a-kind hair products for kinky, curly, and coily hair to face and skin care products for Afro skin types. They also sell baby care items.

    Based In: Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Ship To: Worldwide

    Wholesale Account Requirement: VAT is required

    Minimum Order Amount: Not stated.

    Brands Include: Wide range of brands e.g. African Pride, Bio Oil, Botanicals, Africa Pride Olive Miracle, Ecostyle and more. View their full brand list here.