Wholesale at Carsha

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Once you are logged in to your wholesale account...

How To Check Wholesale Price?

By Default, 
Once You're Logged In, All Prices Are Wholesale Prices

For items with a single wholesale price, the price can be found in the area circled in red of the image. We recommend that you click inside a product rather than explore it from the collection page to find the right wholesale cost.

Any Extra Discount If I Buy More?

Yes! Look For Products With This Tiered Discount Table

80% of our products have tiered discounts, scroll down a bit and look for this table under the product title.

Can You Send Me A Form with Barcodes?

Sure, Anytime You Want.

Hate browsing products one by one and bulk buying for your company like a retail customer? Not anymore, go to your wholesale account dashboard, look for 'Online Order Form', there you can add everything you want in a form format, plus, you will find the barcode information you need.

I Prefer To Download Your Product List In An Excel Format, Can You Help?

Boss, it's ready for you.

We know the traditional way is easier sometimes. Thus, look for the 'Download Wholesale List' button in your wholesale account dashboard; there, you can download our wholesale prices in the CSV format.

And you prefer to fill in the sheet and email us to place your order instead? Of course, our email is contact@carsha.co, by the way.

Why Are All Wholesale Prices In Hong Kong Dollars?

Don't Worry, We've Got A Currency Converter Here!

We use HKD as our default and sole currency on all wholesale transactions to ensure that our modest profit is unaffected by currency rate fluctuations. You can still pay by cards of any currencies though.

To simplify your bulk buy experience, we have placed this currency converter on the product description tab; simply follow the steps in the image to convert any amount from HKD to your selected currency!