Join Carsha's DIY Class - Turn expired cosmetics into candles!

The amount of waste that beauty industries has generated is enormous.
Specially when manufacturing excessive cosmetics has become a norm nowadays,
the impact and pressure on our precious environment is increasing day by day too.
When these cosmetics pass their expiry date,
it is unbeneficial to keep using them on face, of course.
Nevertheless, are we actually going to waste such a large amount of unused products? 
Now here is the good news!
Carsha has now collected boxes of expired cosmetics from different wholesalers and retailers,
and we figured out a way to turn them into CANDLES!
Yes, imagine mixing those beautiful eyeshadow and lipstick colors into the wax,
adding a couple drops of those relaxing essential oil,
and creating your own unique, personalized candles,
sounds like a sweet thing to accomplish on the weekend!
Most importantly, your little act can always make a different on our beloved Earth.

Carsha Beauty Candles Recycling Program

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 17:00 - 18:00

Target Group: Any age, kids and adults are both welcomed🙋‍♀️

Fee: HKD$150
Location: Room B8, 1/F, Block B, East Sun Industrial Building,
16 Shing Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

What is included:
Candle DIY Kit (including wax and wick)
Expired cosmetics (act as pigments)
Lovely & clear tutorial by our patient class tutor😋

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