2022 Best Easter Makeup Ideas: The Most Creative and Fun Looks!

2022 Best Easter Makeup Ideas: The Most Creative and Fun Looks!

Easter is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about your makeup look! This year, why not try something a little different? We've gathered the best Easter makeup ideas from the internet, and we're sure you'll find something you love. We've got you covered from bunny-inspired looks to be colorful and creative ideas! So get ready to take your Easter makeup game up a notch this year!

Easter Styles:

Simple Bunny Makeup | Easter Makeup Idea | Carsha

Photos By Caitlyn Frazier on Pinterest

1) Simplest Bunny

You can do this bunny look in 2 minutes with only one black eyeliner.

Begin with a clean face, then draw the rabbit nose and whiskers using a black pencil eyeliner. Draw lines outwards to produce the appearance of long whiskers and dots to create the look of tiny whiskers. Simple!

If you have time, you may also use primer and foundation to get the perfect skin for this bunny, add blush to make the bunny seem cuter and mascara or fake lashes to enhance the look.

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Innoncent Cute Bunny | Easter Makeup Ideas | Carsha

Photos By helôッ on Pinterest

2) Cutest Innocent Bunny

Whether you're going on a date or a massive party, this adorable look is for you!

The best feature of this look is the pinkish tone used. Gradient girly blush is applied on the cheekbone, slightly towards the eyes. Then, put on the volume baby doll lashes and apply dark-brown eyeshadows beneath the eyes to create a big-eye, naive, pure feeling. Don't forget the key to this makeup! Put blush on your nose tip, too, and now you look harmless as a baby.

A matte rosy beige-pink lip color will make your makeup complete.

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Chocolate Easter Egg Makeup | Carsha

Photos By Kristine Fargerik on Instagram

3) Yummiest Chocolate Eggs Look

Wow, this is a chocolate-all-over-your-face makeup look, probably best for photo shooting. Challenge yourself and see if you can save the chocolates for your makeup instead of eating all of them straight away!

The key to this makeup is to figure out similar shades of cosmetics to match the chocolates.

Go for dark brown eyeshadow on the eyelids, black eyeliner to line the eyes, and a tanned bronzer to contour your cheekbones. I know you would like to use melted chocolates for your lip so you can eat them along, but they are too liquid-like to adhere to your lips all day. Therefore, you could put on a dark brown matte lip stain or lipstick on your lips to make yourself more chocolatey.

Lastly, it is always cool to put on a sharp-coloured feather at the end of your eyelashes, and I would go for the colour that matches the packaging of the easter egg I put on my face.

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Badass Bunny Makeup | Easter Idea | Carsha

Photos By Pretty Little Things on Facebook

4) The Most Baddass Bunny

This makeup is for those who want to look like a badass player at your Easter parties.

Start with foundation and concealer to create a flawless base, then move on to the eyes. Smokey black and dark brown eyeshadow are blended into the eyelid's crease and along the lower lash line. To make your bunny look more badass, put on a pair of false eyelashes and winged black eyeliner. Don't worry about drawing them precisely. This look requires smudging around your eyes like a cynical kid doing graffiti.

After putting on your darkest shade of lipstick (preferably black), mix some of the black lip color or eyeshadow on a separate container and add water. Once you get a mixture of black liquid, dip your makeup brush into it, splat it on your nose and forehead like a water splash effect. Lastly, it is up to you to put on some fake blood, but maybe leave that for Halloween.

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Shiny Glow Bunny | Easter Makeup Ideas | Carsha

Photos By Karinaapadillaa on Instagram

5) Shiny-glow Rabbit

Whether you are going on your pals' meetup or family gathering, this stunning makeup look is for you if you want to glow like a lovely bunny. Are you a mommy? Then you may even wear this makeup with your little girl!

The key to this makeup is to use many glittery cosmetics! For example, you can apply a shiny, golden highlighter on your cheekbones after putting on your base, foundation, and concealer. Then, put on two shades of blush below the highlighter to increase the cuteness, for instance, the orange and reddish-pink shade.

For the eyes, you may start with a white or light-coloured eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyelid. Next, on the eyelids, rainbow colour is a good colour scheme to play cute, so do the colours of the macarons. Draw them as if you are a four-year-old, use lines and shapes and creativity.

For the lips, use natural watery lip balm or lip stain to maximize the dewiness of your look.

Lastly, use your white liner to draw a jumping rabbit above your eyebrow, and now you are a perfectly glowy rabbit.

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Cracked Easter Egg Makeup Idea | Carsha

Photos By silan_h

6) Cracked Easter Egg

Using an egg as your makeup idea is not always as dull as it seems, especially if it means that you can finally use some of your weird-coloured cosmetics.

To get this look, you will first need to figure out your face's "cracked" area and draw the outer lines precisely over your face. Don't forget to make the end of these lines more wriggly, so they actually seem cracking.

Then, look for the most unused lipsticks or eyeshadows in your house. Make sure you find two shades that can be contrasting; it is best to be a cool shade like aquamarine, plus a warm shade like hot pink. Use them alternately to create stripes inside the cracks of the egg.

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Alice in The Wonderland's White Rabbit | Easter Makeup Ideas | Carsha

Photos By Carly Rose on Pinterest

7) Alice In The Wonderland's White Rabbit

When thinking of Easter bunnies, it may also remind you of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland! If you are a big fan of this movie, you will love this makeup idea.

This makeup is not as difficult as it looks. Start with creating a flawless base by using foundation and concealer. Then, use white powder to set your face so that you can apply the rest of the makeup more easily, and it also mimics the white fur of rabbits.

For the eyes, use doll lashes to make your eyes look more prominent, and use white or light-coloured eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye. You can also use a white liquid liner to make a winged shape.

You may either go for a nude lip or use white lipstick for the lips. If you want to add some dimension, you can first apply concealer on your lips as a base.

Lastly, don't forget to bring a little clock key chain to remind everyone that you are the White Rabbit in Alice in the Wonderland! You may also put on retro circle eyeglasses with a silver frame to enhance your look.

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Pinkish Cartoon Bunny | Easter Makeup Ideas | Carsha

Photos By Hannah Marshmua on Instagram

8) Pinkish Cartoon Bunny

This makeup look is what you want between actually looking like a bunny and leaving out some sexiness as a beauty.

You will need to create a flawless base again with foundation and concealer to start. Next, add pink blush on the side of your cheekbones, don't worry about having too much of the blush as it will be covered later by the white fur makeup.

Next, use white eyeliner and add fur-like strokes from your lips to the two sides of your face. For the lips, use soft pink lipstick and make sure it is not too drying as you will be wearing this for a long time. Next, use the same lipstick on your nose tips, and now you look like a cute bunny with a damp nose looking for food. Next, use eyeliners to contour your philtrum ( the upper lip's midline groove from the top to the lip to the nostrils) and add a few dots as the rabbits' whiskers.

For the eyes, start with a glittery eyeshadow as the base, then add bold, open-wings eyeliners. Next, use a white liner following the curve of your eye and upwards to your brow to create a dramatic eye makeup look. Above the white liner, add vivid, pinkish eyeshadow that matches your lipstick colour, and you are done! Your eye makeup is so glamorous that your lower face makeup won't take it over, but people can also instantly realize that you are pretending to be a bunny!

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Fun Colorful Drama Bunny | Easter Makeup Ideas | Carsha

Photos By succubxbe on Instagram

9) Fun Colorful Drama Bunny

This makeup is all about having fun with colours and being dramatic. So instead of having a translucent or nude-coloured foundation, let's start with a rosy primer for this look. To achieve a more pinkish tone for your skin, you can even add pink liquid blush or eyeshadow with your primer.

Then, add a cool-coloured creamy eyeshadow to contrast your pinky skin tones. After that, smudge it all around your eyes like you are hit and bruised. Don't worry; you will look perfect after adding the bold lines with black eyeliner.

Now it comes to the contour part, instead of using a regular light brown shade, use peach pink eyeshadows to contour your cheekbones and two sides of your nose. Add a hint of glitter highlighter in the middle of your nose to make your makeup stands out from the crowd.

Finally, draw thick lips with a lip liner and fill your lip with a glossy rosy-coloured lip stain. To get a more three-dimension look for your lips, always use a slightly darker shade for your lip liner.

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Hide-And-Seek Bunny | Bunny on Eyelid Makeup | Easter Makeup Ideas | Carsha

Photos By Klaudia on Pinterest

10) Hide-And-Seek Bunny

If you want to practice your makeup techniques, then try this! You never know if you are so skillful that you can draw a rabbit on your eyelid.

Start by picking a background for your tiny bunny and applying them to your eyelids. Of course, you can always blend two shades together to get a gradient background, and you should also consider colours that will match your lipstick and the rest of the makeup.

To draw the bunny on such a small area, you definitely need eyeliners and eyeshadows with a precise tip. But don't bother if your drawing doesn't look like a piece of artwork, it will look funny when you blink your eyes and your friends see that bunny hiding behind your lashes.

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There you have it, our top ten Easter makeup ideas for 2022! What are your thoughts on these looks? Will you be trying any of them out? We hope you enjoyed reading and found some inspiration for your own looks. As always, have fun and be creative! Happy Easter!