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    Skincare Summer School by NEWNESS

    NEWNESS, a social live-streaming platform that celebrates authenticity in the beauty industry, today announced Skincare Summer School - a new series of programs that break down barriers (but not barriers to entry). da!)

    The three-month program, hosted exclusively on NEWNESS, is just one of the ways the platform allows creators, viewers and brands to share shared knowledge and experiences. with the aim of re-establishing trust and real human connection on social networks. Skincare Summer School welcomes all comments and recommendations as a valuable part of the lesson plan.

    "Refreshing" is the word I would use to describe NEWNESS, an aspiring esthetician and creator of NEWNESS Melody Jones (also known as Melroseglow online). "It's a safe space to connect with other beauty lovers that feels more intimate than other social media platforms. With Skincare Summer School, I can interact with brands in the same way. accessible."

    For brands looking to meet their consumers, this Summer Skincare Course is a great way to engage with them through fun and educational content, along with "guided material". skin manual" is like-minded. Other perks include live streams from relevant creators, challenges, giveaways, and more.

    “Studies show that 81% of consumers say trust is a decisive factor in purchasing decisions,” continued Qian. "We want to help brands build trust and create lasting relationships with beauty lovers by giving them a platform to spark authentic, intimate, and transformative dialogue."

    As part of the program of all participating Summer School Skincare brands, products from these brands will be included in the monthly skincare box for eligible creators. This show allows them to continue the conversation long after the brand's live broadcast. Concept is a lot of fun. You can only give your honest opinion without any obligation or endorsement. It's like an open wardrobe! NEWNESS creator Rachel Russell (known as skincarewithrae online) shared. You are here to talk about products and brands, but you have to be yourself!

    NEWNESS is a live streaming social platform created for beauty lovers, by beauty lovers. Born from the belief that there is special magic to live streaming, NEWNESS empowers its community to create meaningful moments together by celebrating all that is beautiful.

    For those who want to stay one step ahead of the latest makeup trends, NEWNESS creators and viewers are empowered to express themselves authentically.

    NEWNESS is a beauty community platform that allows users to interact with each other and discover stories of people with similar interests. Backed by leading investors, including Sequoia Capital, our mission is to provide the beauty community with a holistic space to explore, connect, and chat. Where we can see audiences to interact with, we see a community of best friends who inspire each other.

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