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    Body Care Products Based On Your Body Constitution

    Suppose you're interested in body care to an extreme extent. In that case, you should definitely take a look at the nine body constitutions proposed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and consider that when choosing your body care products! This not only will help you to pick the best-suited body care products, but it will also help you to start your journey to better health. Read on to learn more! 

    Body Care Products Based On Your Body Constitution | Carsha
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    What Are The 9 Types of Body Constitutions?

    The term "body constitution" describes a classification of human bodies based on their physical outlook, personality, and adaptability to the external environment. This view has been used in China for over 2000 years and is thought to have originated at about the same time as Hippocrates' idea of four bodily fluids. Body constitution is a broad concept that applies to everyone and is most common in Eastern medicine.

    According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), each individual has nine types of body constitutions, and each one has a unique set of characteristics. The nine body constitutions are Neutral, Qi Deficient, Yang Deficient, Yin Deficient, Blood Stasis, Phlegm-Dampness, Damp-Heat, Qi-stagnation, and Intrinsic constitutions.

    Before reading our body care products recommendation, it is crucial for you first to identify your body constitution. Check out this online quiz here; it only takes you 5 minutes!

    Body Care Products For Neutral Constitution

    A person with a neutral body constitution is healthy and energetic, without imbalances. They are also generally well-groomed and do not get hot or cold easily, or exhibit any symptoms of imbalance when inspected. This is the most balanced body constitution, which is also the most ideal state of human bodies. 

    If your body is in this constitution, congratulations! When looking for the right body care products, your primary focus should be finding those made with natural or organic, but not harsh, ingredients to maintain the health of your skin and immune system.

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    Body Care Products For Qi-Deficient Constitution

    The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health defines qi as the vital energy in the body. Qi is comprised of all the parts of the human body, including the organs, so maintaining a balanced amount is essential for health. 

    A qi deficiency can occur whenever the body lacks adequate energy to fulfil its activities; hence, one of the most prominent features of people with this constitution is constantly fatigued. I am classified as qi deficient, and I am not kidding; I have naturally fallen for body care products infused with refreshing scents since I was in primary school! Below are some of the body care products that I found extra reinvigorating for my body constitution; you should give them a go too if you are qi-deficient!

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    Body Care Products For Yang Deficient Constitution

    Coldness and clamminess of the skin are symptoms of Yang deficiency. Coldness causes the skin to appear pale, but when people with yang deficiency heat up, there will be a mixture of pink, blue, and pale tones, resulting in a marbled look on the skin. As a result, the primary targets of the body care products we select are blood circulation and body toning. 

    Body Care Products For Yin Deficient Constitution

    People who suffer from a yin deficiency are known to be warm in the hands and feet, have cold limbs, constipation, and have a strong aversion to cold and damp weather. The common cold and wet weather are also problematic for people with a yin deficiency. As well as these signs, a yin deficient constitution may experience hot flushes, a tendency to shiver, and a high risk of catching a cold.

    Therefore, we recommend that people with yin deficient constitution have body care products made with food that is rich in 'yin'. In other words, more nourishing ingredients; some examples are sea cucumber, wolfberry, mulberry fruit, glutinous rice, honey, and sesame seeds. 

    I can almost hear you thinking that we are hilarious to relate food and body care products. Still, if you look at skincare brands like Sulwhasoo, you will notice that putting herbal and nutritious ingredients into skincare products is not something new. The truth is, the nutrients can be absorbed into the skin and change your health in the long term.

    Body Care Products For Blood Stasis Constitution

    You may have a blood stasis constitution if you experience dry and bruised skin, dark circles under your eyes, profuse sweating, heavy limbs, jaundice, and bad breath in the mouth.

    A study published in 2021 by Mingfan Liu and others studied the correlation between blood stasis constitution and depression and found that stressful life events enhanced the effect of blood stasis constitution on depression in Chinese women. So whether you believe one's body constitution can become a risk factor for your mental health, it is not a bad idea to be prone to body care products that lead you to better moods!

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    And here are our suggestions - get body care products with a citrus scent! The reasons? Citrus aromas have antidepressant effects because they contain aromatic molecules, which can cross the blood-brain barrier and impact the parts of the brain responsible for controlling depression and anxiety. Citrus scents are detected by nerve cells in the nose. These nerves send messages to the limbic system, directly related to our feelings of pleasure and pain. 

    According to a 2011 study, elementary school teachers who were exposed to citrus scents were significantly less stressed and experienced less blood pressure. These results suggest that citrus scents may improve your mood and make you more productive. So, if we say citrus body care products can enhance your mood, this is not a joke.

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    Body Care Products For Phlegm-Dampness Constitution

    If you're a phlegm-dampness person, you may feel that your body is constantly being damp. I know this is a funny analogy, so, to be more specific, you may develop coughing and sinus congestion whenever you eat greasy or cold foods. Also, even if you don't have allergies, you may experience bloated or loose stools; others may develop eczema. 

    The recommendation on getting the right body care products for people with the phlegm-dampness constitution is to find those infused with herbs and spices, as these ingredients are helpful to eliminate dampness in human bodies. Here are some common anti-dampness ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, turmeric, fennel, cardamom, caraway and star anise. You may be amazed at how many body care products actually include these ingredients.

    But that's not all! People with phlegm-dampness constitutions should practice body care routines that aim to eliminate dampness. For example, besides having anti-dampness body care products, you may also consider regular sauna sessions to increase circulation and excess dampness. 

    Body Care Products For Damp-Heat Constitution

    If you have a Damp-Heat constitution, you will experience more inflammatory conditions such as skin breakouts, soreness, muscular pains, being easily irritated, and feeling more uncomfortable in humid and hot weather.

    To find the most-suited body care products, you should look for those that target oily skin and bad breath. You may consider using Premier The Dead Sea Aroma Salt Scrub! The main ingredient, dead sea salt, is high in minerals and other nutrients that help to promote the health of the skin while nourishing and replenishing your skin. With gentle exfoliation, it improves skin diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, and acne over time. 

    You may also try out the Dentiste Travel Essential Pack; an all-in-one valued set containing a dental rinse, toothpaste, tooth floss, toothbrush and breath spray. It aids in preventing bad breath, the preservation of fresh breath for an extended period, and the reduction of bacterial plaque.

    Nevertheless, the leading cause for your constitution is having poor lifestyle habits, such as excessive fatty, barbecued, and sweet foods. Therefore, don't take the results of the body care products for granted; you must act and change your habits if you want long-term effects.

    Body Care Products For Qi-Stagnation Constitution

    In TCM, individuals with Qi-Stagnation Constitution are believed to have Qi (internal vital energy) stuck at some parts of their body and unable to flow through the body. As a result, they are more likely to experience mood swings, anxiety, and sleeplessness. They typically seem skinny and feeble. They may complain of throat tightness and chest palpitations since easily agitated.

    Unblocking the Qi flow is an excellent body care regimen for those with this constitution, which may be accomplished by calming the liver and moving Qi. In other words, body care products known to be beneficial to livers may help people in this constitution get the best results.

    Are you a coffee lover? If so, congrats! Because now, not only you should keep drinking coffee, and you should also start to use body care products that contain coffee! According to liver specialist Jamile Wakim-Fleming, coffee is proven to be good for the liver. Here are some body care products with nutrients in the coffee, and you may consider adding them into your daily care routine to help get your qi flowing again!

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    Body Care Products For Intrinsic Constitution

    If you have asthma or nasal and skin allergies, such as the blocked nose and rashes easily, or if you are extra sensitive to medicines, food, or odors, you may have an intrinsic constitution.

    In this case, the best body care products for you should be those with no fragrance or additives and were designed for sensitive skin. Here is a little extra trick for you: if you are tired of filtering the ingredients when purchasing body care products, it is usually right to just go with kid-friendly ones. Otherwise, we have already picked some body care products for you below. Why not give them a try?

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